Ben Price

Film Director, Camera Operator and Editor

Ben has over 12 years experience within the production sector working on a variety of projects that range from music videos to multi national television programming. Ben learned his craft with some of the most notable independent producers within Northern Ireland whist regularly making content for Channel 4, BBC and RTE.

Ben’s camera of choice is the Canon 5D Mark III and he edits on FCPX.

Ben says “I love to cross collaborate on projects, be it with the band/musician and their ideas or other creatives such as VJ’s, animators, producers or directors, anyone really. It is always a pleasure to work with anyone who has the same passion and desire to create. I love┬áto capture the finite details on every production, that one image that conveys a story, emotion or memory in less than a second. In an ever increasing competitive battle for your time and attention, it’s that collection of images that will have impact.”